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35 years providing the latest procedures targeted at helping you enjoy a whiter and more stunning smile. With economical, comprehensive oral treatment and new sedation alternatives to help soothe and relax one of the most distressed individuals, enabling them to take pleasure in dentistry asleep.

Dr. Muyal takes particular pride in the gentle care he provides to children and adults in Thornhill and Dundas in West Toronto.

Dr. Muyal strongly believes in the link between dental care and overall health. He understands that dental care can sometimes be stressful. Our team of professionals (including registered nurses and dental providers) can offer you a full range of anxiety control options, from light sedation to more profound sedation.

Our two offices utilize the latest equipment and newest products to provide the best possible dental care and ensure optimum oral health. We offer a full menu of services, ranging from the maintenance and health of your gums and soft tissues to a full range of tooth replacement options, such as fixed implants and removable well-fitting replacements.

“I was always a scared to go to the dentist due to my past experience, but they asured me that he was good and they right. he is the best dentist In town. and he has the best people working there, realy recommend it.”

– Teresa De jesus

What you can Expect during your visit with your Child 

Generally, the first visit includes an overall assessment of your child’s teeth and gums. Dr. Muyal may want to take x-rays to examine facial bones and search for hidden decay. He may also recommend a cleaning and fluoride treatment.

You can consider bringing your child to see a dentist as early as 6 months of age, but it is recommended that their first dental visit be no later than age 1. Preparing for these early experiences reduces the likelihood of your child developing a fear of the dentist or dental equipment.

Choose your dentist carefully. Ensure their office promotes a positive environment that makes both you and your child feel comfortable.

Explain to your child what to expect during their initial visit. You may want to ask your dentist what procedures will be done ahead of time, so that you can prepare your child properly for each stage of their visit.

Often the process of cleanings and exams is more frightening than the dentist. Consider having your child watch you get a cleaning or exam before it is their turn.

Children are intuitive. Be careful not to pass on your fears or anxieties about dental visits to your children. Ensure you are positive and prepared for the experience.

After their initial visit, it is recommended that children visit their dentist every 6 months.

Establishing good dental habits and positive experiences early, is essential for your child’s long-term dental health.

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